Mission and vision

Mission of iPower

  • Our ultimate goal:more return for our clients. iPower helps companies get the most out of their online presence. To this end, we develop our own tools and constantly focus on innovation. Based on proven results, we steer our own course, even if it goes against what internet monopolists try to impose on the world.

Vision of iPower

  • Innovation:iPower keeps its finger on the pulse of the evolution of the online presence of companies on the Internet in order to develop the right services, tools and applications in time not only to keep up with this evolution, but also to stay ahead of it. And that is necessary too. Big players like Google, Facebook and Amazon may currently dominate the online scene, but the history of IBM and Microsoft shows that one day they will be knocked off the throne.
  • Customer focus:iPower staff listen to a customer to find out what they need, what the purpose of their online presence is. This is how we determine how we can best help them get more lasting returns from that online presence, thanks to or in spite of current and future internet mastodons. Where possible, we even show through free tests and analyses that our approach works, before customers even have to pay a eurocent for it.
  • Result-oriented: iPower starts from reality, from data collected through its own analyses and studies. The facts and the results count, not the theories of self-proclaimed Internet gurus and not the guidelines that Internet monopolists try to impose on the world. iPower steers its own course, even if it does not always run parallel to what colleagues, competitors and big players on the market perceive as the only right one.

Internally, within iPower itself

  • Teamwork and diversity: iPower employees are collaborators: the team takes precedence, hierarchy is an afterthought, helping customers get ahead is the goal. The world of the internet is as diverse as it is international, and this is reflected in iPower’s workforce: a glance at the photos of the team on the website makes this immediately clear.

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