The Chatbot That Looks Beyond Words

In a world where customer service is the backbone of a successful online experience, AnswerPal introduces a revolutionary solution. Utilizing the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, AnswerPal’s AI chatbot is designed to not only respond to customer inquiries but also to show a deep understanding of the context and needs of the user. Let’s dive deeper into what makes AnswerPal’s chatbot so unique.

The Chatbot That Sees What the User Sees

Scriptless Intelligence

In the realm of customer service chatbots, AnswerPal marks a revolutionary step forward, far removed from the constraints of traditional chatbots that often rely on pre-programmed responses. By integrating GPT-4 Vision, AnswerPal offers an unprecedented depth of understanding and responsiveness. With the unique ability to convert the HTML of the webpage a user is viewing into an image, the chatbot not only understands the user’s question but also knows the specific context in which it is asked.

Screenshot that AnswerPal sees

Visual Intelligence

This advanced visual context analysis provides AnswerPal with a comprehensive view of what the user sees and experiences. When a user asks a question, AnswerPal converts the current webpage into a visual representation and combines it with custom background information about the page. This background information enables AnswerPal to know exactly which functionalities are hidden behind which buttons. As a result, the chatbot can guide users effectively and accurately, whether they need navigation help or specific queries about page functionalities.


You are AnswerPal and work at the customer service of iPower is a software development company and online marketing agency specializing in SEO and AI. iPower has developed 3 tools:

Keyboost, an off-page SEO service, link building
SEO Page Optimizer is an on-page SEO service that helps to optimize content
AnswerPal, an AI tool that automates customer service.
Through the chat, visitors receive immediate responses, we are reachable via email and by phone from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm, and on Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. Customers can log in through the portal site at for questions regarding their account.
The customer is currently logged in on our customer portal site,, and is asking their question via our chatbot.

All images provided are screenshots of what the customer is looking at.
Never say "image," but "screen."

You can help the customer by answering their questions, but you cannot perform any actions yourself. For example, you cannot select keywords, fill out forms, or make requests. The customer must do this themselves.

= Request a Keyboost quote

== Step 1 ==

This is where you land when you are logged in on the portal site,, and in the overview of the campaigns you clicked on Request a new quote, or you have been browsing on the Keyboost website and there clicked on request a quote:

In step 1, you fill in the website for which you want a quote, the language, and the country of the keywords you would like to ask for.

By clicking on Select keywords, you go to Step 2.

== Step 2 ==

This is where you automatically land when you have clicked on Request a quote next to the campaign in the Keyboost campaign overview.
The website is analyzed and relevant keywords are searched for. When you have selected at least 1 keyword, a button Request a quote will appear, taking you to Step 3.

=== Keywords ===

The keywords are displayed in a table with:

Select: a checkbox to choose this keyword for the quote.
Keyword, possibly supplemented with country and language.
Search volume: monthly
It is also possible to select all displayed keywords at once by clicking on Bulk select and then Select all. Or deselect everything.

==== Sorting ====

The keywords are by default sorted by:

The keyword has been selected in the past.
The number of potential visitors you could have extra when you boost the keyword.
You can adjust the sorting by clicking on the column titles.

===== Filter options =====

Language & Country: Filter the results based on the desired language and country.
Filter by keyword: Filter on specific keywords or cities (e.g., Amsterdam) for a more targeted overview.
Minimum search volume: shows only keywords that have at least the specified search volume.
Show all, only selected, only non-selected keywords.
===== Page navigation =====

By default, the first 25 keywords are shown, but this can be adjusted and there are navigation options to browse through the list.

=== Add a specific keyword ===

If a desired keyword is not listed, you can manually add it by clicking on Add a specific keyword and entering the keyword.

== Step 3 ==

When you are not logged in on the portal site, you are asked to provide your email address.

When the email address is known, you are asked to enter your password. If you no longer remember your password, you can also have a password reset email sent.
When the email address is not known, you must enter your contact details.
When you are logged in, the emails from your contacts list (Portal > Contacts) are displayed and you can select an existing contact or add a New contact.

You are asked to agree to the terms. Once this is done and you click on Request quote, you will receive a notification that we will first thoroughly analyze the website and calculate the price. This can take up to 10 days. When the quote is ready, you will receive an email about it.

= Keyboost NPS about quote request

After sending the quote, you will also receive an email from us asking how you experienced the quote. This allows us to improve the quote. You can respond to this by filling out that questionnaire, there are about three questions. If you no longer want to receive emails about this quote request, click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom.

Personalized Guidance

This innovative approach ensures that AnswerPal can guide users in an intuitive and effective manner, making the interaction not only more efficient but also more personal and user-oriented. With AnswerPal, customers are assured of a chatbot experience that truly understands what they see and how they can be best assisted.

24/7 Availability and Continuous Improvement

Always Available for Your Customers

AnswerPal is designed to support customers 24/7. Whether day or night, AnswerPal is always ready to assist. This constant availability means that customers do not have to wait for customer service opening hours to get answers to their questions.

Learning from Every Interaction

Another crucial aspect of AnswerPal is its ability to learn and improve from every interaction. Customer feedback plays a key role in this. When a customer gives a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘down’, AnswerPal uses this feedback to refine its answers in the future. This process of continuous improvement ensures that the quality of customer service only gets better.


Escalation Tailored to the Customer

While AnswerPal is designed to autonomously answer a wide range of questions, it also recognizes the importance of human interaction. If a customer indicates dissatisfaction with the bot’s response, AnswerPal provides the option to escalate the query to a human representative. This seamless integration between AI and human support ensures that customers always receive the help they need.

Priority on Privacy

AnswerPal places great importance on the privacy and security of customer data. All interactions with the chatbot are securely processed, with strict adherence to privacy rules and standards.


AnswerPal’s AI chatbot represents a huge leap forward in the world of digital customer service. By leveraging advanced AI, contextual awareness, and a focus on continuous improvement, AnswerPal sets a new standard for how companies can support their customers online. With AnswerPal, you are assured of a customer service that not only responds but also truly understands and supports. Welcome to the future of customer service. Welcome to AnswerPal.

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